The Construct

Away from discerning the contradictions of mankind, I came to perceive my artistic vision under the terms of "the perfect moment" and the pursuit of beauty. 

But it wasn't enough. 

Where is the curiosity the investigation, the questions that art should pose - the romance, the intrigue, the mystery, and let us not forget THE DRAMA.

I became bored
However, a great artist does not down tools in the absence of vision - they hone skills, instinct, intuition, balance and composition.
I have not been idle, merely uninspired

Here I have created a universe, full of characters and aspect, and time and culture, a full generation of puzzlement and wonder - what would naturally follow its creation? What would ultimately evolve from its current state?
If humans are brilliant at anything, it is illusion, and imposing an illusion on life until it becomes a manifest reality

In our quest for perfection, we build, either with our hands, our minds, our hearts - or our imaginations. 
Necessity is the mother of all invention. Even the stories we tell ourselves. 

And where do these stories inhabit? 
The Construct

Not an unfamiliar term in these times; films like The Matrix and Inception have readily explored such devices - but what is it in terms of handmade art, graphite and ink, paint and pen?

Constructs in the form of images are about where you're transporting the viewer - in a narrative, it's the environment, the surrounds that hold and engage the character/s, the location, the space, the arena. 

In art, that construct can be abstracted, compacted, distorted, an allusion, a hyper-reality - and every construct has its own nature, its own rules and its own governing principles. 

In super-evolution of an already constructed universe, what this means for the next stage of development in my own artistic journey, is an elevation of focus, an upgrade in intensity, detail, form, examination; consider it a perpetual spiral of investigation of a singular reality constructed in the fantastic

I had a mind to head off in a completely different direction, and just create an entirely new universe - but I couldn't get away from the idea that I had unfinished business in this one. That I was not done with the ideas and the purpose of what I have already created. 

It's something of a mystery tour - I see the repetitions develop into new sciences (of a sort), there's always been a concentric nature to my investigation of similarity and synchronicity, perhaps fractal in nature, though that was entirely unintentional. And to me, there's something enigmatic about the unintentional, because it still resides in the sub-conscious, where all fantasies are truly revealed

And after all, this journey is entirely about humanity's discovery of itself through the fantastic. Mythology, mysticism, fiction, illusion, and the manifestation of such as a super-imposed reality on top of a practical reality. We are particularly awesome when it comes to talking ourselves into belief. 

Science investigates, measures, categorises and classifies. 
Art reveals