zeddess - the World between Worlds

'The World Between Worlds' was the slogan when I first started the studio back in 2001. Going full time as an artist was a daunting affair, and I wanted to be able to tell people quickly what art is about - let's face it, for non-artists, it's still something of a left-field endeavour. However, it was apparent that even this little motto was still too obscure - most ignored it, some asked what it meant, most thought I was talking about a practical idea.

When I was still living in Mackay, I had a client come to the studio. They looked at all the work I had at the time, and for the first time ever, they said to me, You're a world builder.

One of the biggest difficulties faced by any artist (in any field) is that the temper and demand of the audience fluctuates and wanes, ebbs and flows, gibbers and ignores.
I've discussed audience pressure before, in the context of the artist needing to be true to themselves: in this case, my point is to the audience - stand back from the singular work and look at the BODY of work.
In the majority of cases, you can see that the artist has taken a journey - either in development or technique, or emotionally, or even as a documentarian of another reality. All in all of the above and then some. While certain singular compositions may stand out on their own, it is in the Body of Work that you see the necessity and the RELEVANCE of every compostion in that journey, or that world.
You can see this in music, art, design, photography, in literature, in pop culture - as long as you stand back and look at the Body of Work in total, then you will be in a position to appreciate not only more of the artist's work, but more of art as a sub-culture; every occupation has its cultural habits and necessities - Art is no exception.