Artist's View: "Inflamed"


The motivation was simple; passion, eroticism and sensuality. Given the simplicity of the premise, I didn't want to confuse the sensation with too much complexity, as much as use detail to enhance the movement of the experience.
I began with a medium sized brush to ensure a blurred line between the figure and the environment - the rising heat of the woman's passion needed to be more ephemeral in nature, to provide the body and face greater clarity and focus. It also allowed a subtle distance between the physical and the emotional, as the internal is not something that is seen, but felt.

Her eye are closed, the experience is inside her, not in a world she confronts, but in the intensity of her own form. Finer strokes detail the hair surrounding her face, to bring her into direct focus for the viewer.
Tattoos line her body, growing upward from her loins, an internal fire patterning her figure and rising to her heart. Gold chains thread the lush, thick hair, and circle her throat, winding themselves into glittering tangles that heighten the richness and ripeness of the mood.

Acrylic on canvas.
Original work sold.