Studio Update - New Works

The latest video from zeddess.

There's also new art.....

Life Of Thorns

Work in Progress  - Contemplation

Work in Progress - Regenerator

Sketch - Ghost

And there's previous work being completed - the latest A2 piece on the board : 

Earth Angel

I find myself continually oscillating between the solid forms of the natural world, and the energetic constructs of the abstract, yet this is how the universe of zeddess has unfolded in its entirety. After 25 years of art, and all the learning curves and the very nature of development in art itself, I have ceased to argue with the prescribed notion of the art industry that an artist must be thematic - and limited to only one principle.

 If there is an all-abiding and guiding principle of my work, it is the paradox-  that we, the contradiction of humanity itself, are as finite as any living thing, yet as infinite as imagination.