Art Notes

The image. 
It should appeal because of its emotion, not its sensation. The feeling and evocative nature of the work does not come from the primary subject, but the intention – So, intention has to be the focus. 

What's the story? What is in the moment that will release the audience to another perspective? What is it that I wish to convey? 
Beauty. Power. The paradox, the shift in dynamic as two altered states coexist. Not hypocrisy, but elevation. Not transcendentalism, but conception. 

The genesis of the new state is conceived when the paradox is no longer sustainable – e.g. spiritualism and science cancel each other out when they are in agreement. When they are no longer serving a purpose in dual states,  a new state is realised and a new paradox takes shape.

So. The biomechanoid, the anthropomorphised god figure, the idealism of natural beauty – order transcending chaos, not as an experiment, but a state of perfection – that is the moment of resolution. When all tensions are resolved.

Genesis. The art of excellence, the journey of perfecting, and the achievement of resolution. And then, genesis. Transformation and continuity.