The Art of Doodling

Anyone who can hold a pencil can doodle... some of the 'coolest' and most powerful imagery has started as a germ of an idea scribbled on a blank bit of paper.
In the past few days, I have been privileged enough for some other people to share their 'doodles' with me - and for me, I see the idea not only as the start of an idea, but the potential of where it could go, how it could be developed into something complete.
Doodles on their own are fascinating, because they are organic, uninhibited and allow the viewer a small chance inside the dreaming mind. I applaud those who have been courageous enough to post them on their blogs and sites - little artistic elements from folks who aren't necessarily artists in their occupations (artists in art, not other kinds of artists) but have shared that part of their mind and heart with their audience.
I spend an enormous amount of time doodling and sketching before crafting a final composition. (I have about a hundred sketch books to put through the guillotine this weekend - aiyee!) And the best stuff is archived and kept against those times the creative block strikes. On their own, doodles have that small spark of inspiration for other ideas, or as a foundation for a more developed idea.
So do yourself a favour and put a notepad and pen next to all your favourite rest stops in your home or office, and become a doodler. Whether its a need for an idea for a design project, restructuring logistics in your company, writers block or what to buy your spouse for their birthday, doodling will help you unlock the unconscious and inspire yourself!