what I'm looking for...

Every now and then, you create a piece that sets the next level of 'brilliance' that you look for in yourself as an artist. My work 'organica perceptiva' (see site) was one such work... When I completed it, I stood back and thought 'That's cool.'
Now that seems like a pretty mild reaction on paper, but when you're producing art all the time, and the days seem to get blended with the creative roller coaster, to have that kind of response to your own work is a signpost - that you've hit a new stage of development.

There are plenty of artists out there that are already celebrated for their work, but it seems that celebrated or not, all artists are looking for the same thing at the end of the day - to see something new, both in the journey and the destination. If you ever reach a point when you're satisfied with where you are artistically, and you don't see a new road to take, or a new layer to learn about, then you're done being an artist. There's always satisfaction in the process, to be creating. But to have it finished off with something that you can enjoy fully yourself? Artists are their own worst critics (if they have any passion) so to acknowledge their own work positively is very satisfying. It drives them to keep creating, to find that moment again.