Then And Now - this is zeddess.

A video selection of recent and previous works, created over the years.... 

Now, as then, I am still committed to creating signature original artworks, with the intent of examination, exploration and celebration of human nature; who we are in myth, reality, and all the spaces in between. 

As humans, there is no greater place to find ourselves than in the stories we tell, the fantasies we create, and the worlds that we escape to. From them, we design our lives, our realities, our inventions, and all of our tomorrows. That's the finer purpose of art - to reflect the higher purpose of our humanity, our hopes, our dreams, our woes, our fears, and our pasts and futures. For each of us, we have our part to play in the weaving of life's tapestries. It is my honour to have that role as an artist. 

Stay beautiful, 

Zi xxx 

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