The Art, The Stories, The Adventure Within

If you're an Instagram user and your following my account @zian.silverwolf, then you might not be aware that there is a sister account @ziansilverwolf, that is devoted to the works on paper. Recently I posted a new host of drawings to the page, with their immediate details, as they are now ready for sale. 

Original works are one of a kind. They have the years of experience and the actual DNA of the artist within them, as well as the vision and the ever-expanding universe the artist is seeking to describe. 
Each one is a layering of stories, not only the image being presented, but the journey of its creation, the method of its making, the history of its design and composition - and all the potential of its future existence. 

If you're a collector, or seeking to become one, I highly recommend going beyond sampling art that suits your current relationship with the tastes that you have, and take your own journey into the unknown, through art. After all, art is an experience in itself, travelling into multiverses of internal frontiers of thought and emotion - the artist is an adventurer of the soul, and the art is the opportunity for you to do the same