I uploaded a new digital media creation to my YouTube channel today,  "Odyssey"  - after only a few months really getting to know this software and how it can be used, I'm very much enthused about future applications. I've already been commissioned for digital work for video intros and outros, as well as web element designs, which has been another joy to add to the resume. Being able to concoct my own digital music has also been an enormous amount of fun, and a pleasure to share  - I'm contemplating creating ambience albums for artists to use while working. That significant need for white noise without distraction can be sometimes difficult to achieve with every day choices of music. 

However, that's in the future

In the now, I'm still creating art, and new prints for canvas printing at Red Bubble - there are now well over 40 works in the new collection,  and hopefully more to come in the not too distant future. 
In the original graphite artworks, work has slowed down, so there are not as many completes as there would be normally at this time - with so much happening in real life right now, I'm not able to devote as much time to the drawing board as I would like. Hence the greater output of digital work, which takes patience and effort, but less time to create a finished work. And all the videos are free to view on YouTube. 

And now, it's after midnight, and there are still a number of things to achieve before the end of this day - enjoy the new clip, have fun with the optical illusions, and I will post again soon. 

love art, stay beautiful, 
Z xxx.