World Of Colour, Shades Of Grey

New to the Red Bubble gallery, new digitally enhanced drawings, made ready for canvas prints and posters. 

I'm a big fan of "sacred spaces" in the home, whether it be a reading nook, the spot where you like to write, a place where you contemplate your existence, or just where you enjoy your morning coffee. Art feels really necessary in these locations, to brighten the energy, create a mood or for an image of contemplation. Thought and feeling are such a part of the way that we create our living spaces. 

These prints are also ideal as gifts for the person you love and respect - art is a very personal thing, so a lot of thought goes into the choosing of a gift. I hope to provide you with a large selection as time passes. To date, there are currently 14 works online, available for order now, with more to come  in the future. Mind you, there's no need to only choose one. They're very affordable. 

Sizes range from small to extra large, so there's a choice between that minor presence or major feature, whatever goes best with your home. 

For more information, just click over to the Featured Offers page on this site, on the Menu Bar at the top of this page. 

Love art, stay beautiful,