Expanding The Horizon

It's been a little busy here at zeddess.....
New art -

How Does Your Garden Grow?

With My Eyes Closed

The Deluge


As well as a few sketches..... here's a sample...... 

Head Of A Woman

Of Smoke and Shadows

Empress - Headgear Series

Along with the artwork, there have been new digital videos, small written works and a lot of general creativity - keeping up with myself is like running around after a Husky some days, and not everything has been getting the documentation and record keeping it requires. A lot of what's been happening on the drawing board can be found on my Instagram page (www.instagram.com/zian.silverwolf), or on any of the other major networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Tumblr). Just Google search "Zian Silverwolf" and the chosen network, and you'll find it easily. 

Learning about how to create edm (electronic dance music) and animated videos has been something of a major learning curve - and so much fun. After the initial experiments in digital, and a couple of months of scratching my head and saying "Aha!", I have a number of musical digital creations now published to my YouTube channel, (www.youtube.com/user/zeddess), a sample of which you can see below; 

There have also been a few developments in the live music arena, but as yet nothing recorded - I have hopes to get closer to that in the next year. 

Additionally, there have been new videos and timelapse clips for the artwork - Carousel is a virtual exhibition of past and present works, presented in a more dynamic arena, as well as the slideshows of works in progress, digital media and photography -These are also available for your viewing on YouTube - I recommend snacks. 

So! There's a lot for you to see and enjoy - in the coming weeks, I plan to provide more in-depth narratives of the work that's been done, with a little more insight into the creation and background of each work. But that's not a promise - there's a lot going on IRL, but I shall be doing my best. 

In the meantime, feel welcome to come and visit me on any of the social media networks, have a chat about art, music, philosophy or lemurs... Can't say that I know a lot about lemurs, but they look like fun.... 

Stay beautiful.