Predestination (video)

The latest in the new digital works that I have been working on - "Predestination" has been produced entirely from digital material, and composed in a computer. 

As a medium, I've always had the interest in digital, but much of it has been waiting for technology to catch up to do what I need it to do. For an artist, the tools are part of the limitation, and creativity is all about working around limits - however, there are still boundaries waiting to be crossed. With graphite and ink as my main medium, the desire to create something that still harmonised with the majority of my work, but spoke a different artistic language, digital has been able to provide that option, along with the addition of combining my musical background as an element. After all, why create exactly the same kind of art with two different mediums, when you can expand your horizons?

zeddess arts has never formally been known for its combined arts - that of art, music, literature and digital - but with age, these things are becoming known quantities, and there are those who enjoy each for their medium, as much for their creation. 

The world is changing. What we do and who we are is no longer limited by the ways in which we express ourselves, but by the willingness and the imagination to do it.