Art Collector

I'm often asked if I collect art. 

I'm a lover of objet d'art, three dimensional sculptural works, made by hand and small enough to transport easily. That's possibly a reaction to constantly working in the two dimensional, but also a joy in an art that I don't personally pursue. 

I have small works from around the world - hand-carved heads, animals, hand-blown glass sculptures, ceramics and glassware - and it's a collection of love, rather than a commercial investment. With these items around in my home, I have a deeper sense of connectivity with human culture and the gracious elegance of the human imagination, and our desire for beauty, truth, the majestic and the nobility of our spirit. 

As an artist, I view it as my responsibility to bring that respect for life and humanity through my work, and into the hands of people who have pursuits that are not artistic, but still have the desire for that connectivity in their own lives. From my own love of art that Is not within my scope, I am of that same community of people, who derive great pleasure and distinctive sustenance from the creativity of others. To hold a work of art made by hand, to treasure it for its human value, to look upon it everyday, as a witness to the beauty of the human soul - that's what collecting great art is for.  

When people ask me about what kind of people collect art, I can refer instantly to my own experiences - art is uplifting. It is soul-searching on a daily level; it is nourishment for the deepest recesses of our souls. It doesn't matter if the work is of the macabre, or of the most delicate natural beauty, whatever the vision is, it came from humanity. It unites us. Every aspect of our nature is brought forth and given one form or another, touches us in ways that don't require understanding or anything more than a personal response - in that moment, we are unified by the nature of being human. 


You can view details on Crystalline and other works by downloading the ebook zeddess vol. 1 on the Downloads page of this site.