"Why Is There An Eye In Her Bra?"

I don't always have a complete vision of the finished work in my head when I start a new composition. A great deal of the time, the art takes on a life of its own, and interpretations can change during the process. But I don't ask for too much logic or reality from my work - imagination doesn't tend to ask why, as much as it asks why not..... 
I had the same reaction to this work from a number of people on the same day - Why is there an eye in her bra? Each person who asked, seemed rather discomfited by the notion, that a woman's sexuality was watching the world watching her; that there was someone watching where their eyes fell. 
I was deeply amused - taking away the ability to gaze on a woman without being stared at in return created irritation, annoyance. I had unwittingly disturbed the idea that a woman is merely a portrait of open desire, by putting a guard at the door. 
Work in progress, "Watched"