On With The Show

Once Upon A Heartache
It's been an interesting couple of months - needless to say, I have been throwing myself into the artwork and the journal writing with a fury; however, it was such that I completely devoted myself to the journey that I was less interested in the external world for a time. Much has occurred in a short space, and most of that.... well, let's just say, it will eventually reveal itself through the art. 

In the meantime, work had to be completed and there was plenty to keep me hopping between the known and the unknown - experiments and their causes are often kept in the cupboard until realized in their final manifestation, but there are still the works on the board continuing to demand life and actualization. I've known a number of people in my life who suffer "Da Vinci syndrome" -  the ability and capacity to dream yet never quite manage to complete the task - and I would not be pleased with myself were I to fall under that particular sword. 

A2 freeform drawing

The projects of late have been somewhat grander in scale and detail than the usual; more like the art of my past, where time stopped have meaning and the demand for skill outweighed the demand for prolific production. I feel renewed in this sense, being released from the clutches of the impatient crowd and refining the work as required. The irony of that being that once I gave myself permission to slow down and focus, I was working faster than ever before regardless. There have been great benefits from the pressure after all. 

The most recent news is my latest showcase on YouTube - also to be found on the homepage of my main website - titled 'Storysong'. 
The soundtrack is an original composition of mine, my first scored piece in many, many years, performed by me and mixed by dear friend and fellow muso, Rick Perry at RPM Studios. 
The video is a journey of years in a couple of minutes, a telling emotional experience that spanned time, art and music, sorrow, rage, calculation and resolution. Each work has a story of its own, but also possesses dual meaning in the context of the whole journey. You can see more of each work in the Gallery.

With music now in the mix, I am resolved to spend my energies in a more concerted fashion - with the requirement to meet obligations already contracted and continue to (somehow) maintain an expression that is divorced from the mundane considerations of life, I am already discovering that the time element has become even more precious than before. After all, there's a small dog that wants some of my attention too...