zeddess in digital

Digital design - it's not something I've trained for, so the process has been very experimental, and fun!
Starting with a hand-drawn image scanned into the computer, I can tweak a finished drawing into the final work just with contrast and saturation settings, and voila! I have a design that still has the touch of the handmade, with the refinement of the digital process.  "Cable Girl" was drawn in graphite, hand-coloured in watercolour pencil and then 'digitally enhanced' for the printing process, with consideration for the tshirt colours and the nature of the printing inks.
"Kindred" began as a graphite sketch, that I refined with image editing software GIMP, and then I could add the digital colour with hue and saturation settings, and set the contrast levels to suit printing.

"Go Fish" started as nothing but a hand-drawn outline, and the rest is  completely digital. Using virtual brushes, air brushes and tools, this design exists only in the digital environment. Except of course, for the tshirts and stickers it's printed on.

To see more of my digital designs, check out my Red Bubble gallery at zian.redbubble.com.