Where It Begins

It's all about where you are in the quiet moments, when you're being faithful and honest with yourself, and not allowing the opinions and policies of the outside world get into your head space and start re-arranging the furniture.
When there is no judgement, no question of what the end result will be, nothing but the focus on the story of the moment, the process, the travel that happens on the inside, I find myself devoid of performance anxiety, and social questions, and all the constructs that box people in and forget how to be without limits. In that space, I don't care what people think - I care what they will feel.

Fantasy art succeeds when it moves people beyond thought, when it transports them into a moment without reality. In that moment, they may find things that humour them, frighten them, uplift them or even make them sad - but it's emotion in motion in the moment. That's where I as the artist have to begin, in order to share it. The more I learn about the qualities of passion in myself, while having to be still, the more I understand what it is that I want to transfer to the art. It's not about understanding myself - it's about translating the intangible into an image, and giving it feeling. The further I reach into myself, the greater the impact of the image as a return.

But y'know, it's kind of spooky in there.....