Keepin' It Simple...

I've always been easily inspired by life in my immediate environment, from the macrocosm (big trees, scenery, flora and fauna) to the microcosm (bugs, patterns on plants, and bugs) and as a result I never need to go very far to see something that takes my imagination in a new direction.
When I first moved to Victoria, it was like moving to another planet - bugs, trees and skies that looked nothing like life in North Queensland. For the longest time, I didn't need to travel in order to explore - there was a whole other world available in the unfamiliar terrain and climate. For example, clouds in the north are flattened against the atmosphere, they have very little form or shape at all.... but the sunsets are tropical sunsets, and some of the most breathtaking colours come from them. In Victoria, the clouds have form, mass - I actually witnessed the birth of a cloud, ballooning outwards in the sky. But there's no colour... the skies here are almost monochromatic.
There's a lot to be said for travel and seeing new places to find new inspiration and source for the imagination... Still, when you can look out at your backyard and see something like this, often the world just outside your door has a lot to offer too.