Anything to Get There.

The Challenge... oh boy, was I challenged...
While the studio was being re-constructed, I had, shall we say, limited space to actually work in and the majority of my equipment and *things of art* was still packed in boxes...
I was commissioned for a work in pencil, size A1; a warhorse.
The process that followed consisted of me balancing a drawing board on my knees and a coffee table while perched on the end of a couch, often having to work upside down to reach the other end of the board. It was impossible to see the total result from up close, so from the first stage, I drew the total form to get the perspective as true as possible - and then began the shading... and praying that it was accurate.
I like to work in layers - most pencil artists do - so that means the majority of the piece has been worked several times. Regardless, when you want a quality result, you'll do anything to get there.