The Enthusiastic Muse

The concept and construct of the muse has been central to active creativity and artistic pursuits for centuries, and in the modern age, it has also been given credence in areas of commerce and corporate affairs - usually in marketing and promotional activities.

I've written a lot about stimulating your muse, how to re-engage with creative and emotional energies to pump the imagination - the one thing I haven't mentioned is simple enthusiasm.

With the new approaches to lifestyle, work/life balance, and concerns voiced about burnout, stress, depression and isolation, the passionate choice to BE creative is often overlooked. Often fatigue and time constraints are the given reasons to not pursue more creative activities, with other responsibilities and pressures taking priority.

For an artist, this cannot, cannot be the case.
(Writers, actors, dancers and musicians know what I'm talking about.)

In my life, the art, no matter which arena, is everything. I have skills in a number of arts beyond painting and drawing, and they all require attention, motivation, dedication and I expect from myself not only the discipline to continue with them, but also the commitment made by DESIRE to experience them. Without that desire, there is no muse, there is no will or passion to create, there is no amount of stimulus that will magically conjure up the vision or creative heart to go forth and be artistic. Without desire, there is no enthusiasm.