Rabbit in the Hat

There are times when you get so stuck inside a concept that you can't see the forest for the trees.... At times like these, I go into arenas and areas in life that are often outside my usual interests. Breaking with your own perspective is often a great way to get a new take on life - not just with people, but with different environments and activities that you wouldn't normally pursue.

Changing perspective is definitely about leaving your judgement at the door and having a new experience without preconceived ideas - if you think you know how you're going to feel about a new experience, then that's what you're going to experience. There's nothing fresh and new about what you already know - and that's not going to help you if you're stuck inside your own ideas.

It's more than leaving a comfort zone - even then, it's possible to keep your blinkers on and forget to look at life differently. It's the difference between standing on your feet and standing on your head.
Einstein said that Imagination is more important than knowledge; meaning you can only do so much with knowledge if you only have a small imagination.

It's when the imagination is fired up with a new perspective that you can really pull a rabbit out of your hat.