Modern Love

It's official, I am now in the Year Of Our Towel, here on my 42nd birthday.
(For those who have no clue what I'm talking about, see Douglas Adams, and Don't Panic.)

So yes! Seeing as I wasn't supposed to make it past 23, it's all a very big deal and I'm quite pleased to still be here. And as a moment in my elongated story, here's a new work in progress, titled "Modern Love".

I spend a fair bit of time perusing Instagram for its many delightful posts, many of which are wonderful models, fitness models, bikini angels, and other fine examples of the female form. There are many goddesses walking the earth, but the one common factor in them all is a spoken love for life, to do well, exceed their own expectations and never give up. Good mottos for all women of the modern era, in my view.

As I am gradually developing now to incorporate more contemporary elements into my work, what better place to start than with the celebration of the modern woman? It's still very much a part of my passion to symbolise constructs and ideas of the ancients, but they remain now as any past relic of an age becomes - symbolic, but no longer the focus of the times. While there are still many that share my adoration for history and all its spellbinding tales, at some point, growth is demanded, and the risk is to stagnate and be left standing still, or move forward and expand into greater territory. I am opting for the latter.

Along with these artistic changes comes the change of experience; Brisbane, my heart's home once upon a time, has also changed greatly, and I find myself a stranger in it, haunted by ghosts of the past. Things are not as they were - and while I had to come home to find something particular to me, it was not the home that I dreamed of. Where to now however, well, stay tuned to catch the next episode.

In the meantime, there is work to be done, things to be planned, and life must continue. The art does not quite draw itself. It still needs me for the heavy lifting.