Perspective - It's In Your Hands.

Organica Perceptiva
Perspective - the angle from which the subject is viewed.

It's about perception, and every perception is unique - it is the differences that create a bigger picture.

The generous spirit is just that -generous, abundant in its acceptance of more....There is no one path to enlightenment, or to the moral considerations of human life. There is no such thing as forced perfection in a finite being that is made of conscious thought and feeling; there is no cause to deny the human experience for a life lived monastically if you are not a monk.
Art is the combination of thought and emotion - the greater the range, the greater the creative evolution and experience. If I suddenly decided to limit myself of feeling, passion and emotion in only one direction, I would sacrifice my artistic journey, and my reason for living.
I find nothing liberating in the concept that philosophical agendas only have one direction - philosophy is the art of thinking, and by it's true nature, accepts the entire emotional range of the human experience; otherwise, there is nothing to be philosophical about.
In my personal experience, there is little to be gained from the conformity of thinking - when the individual becomes one of the crowd, they only mirror the agenda of the crowd. They do not invent, contribute or create from beyond the crowd. For an artist, that is death.
A friend of mine speaks of 'like-hearted people' in his philanthropic endeavours - I view that as a generous term for people who all walk their own paths to greater purpose; you don't have to limit who you are, just bring your gifts and abilities to common ground. The conformity of purpose.
I speak from one perspective alone - my own. My devotion and commitment to the works in my life is not the only life, but it is mine. What brings life and colour and adventure to my world is people devoted to their life - I am validated as a unique individual when surrounded by unique individuals.....Like-hearted people.