I've had a lot of mixed reactions to this work, largely due to the audience's personal perspective - I have given no editorial or explanation of the art for them to consider, so their response has been entirely made of their own perceptions and personal ideals. Some immediately unfollowed me on social media - obviously whatever they encountered in their own mind was unpalatable, and while they did not stop and ask for clarification, that's their prerogative. 

I'm quite pleased with the work as a result of such a volatile reaction - I have left interpretation wide open as a consequence, and simply allowed people to see whatever they wanted to see - those that saw something negative in it have only their own reasons and justifications to explain it - I have presented nothing that could be used as a slight against any one culture or creed - therefore, whatever imagined for them, must be the truth

Those who saw something they agreed with and celebrated the work, had a different kind of perspective on it. The value of the appreciation of art has long resided in the appreciation of human values of the individual - who is to say that what they perceived is not real?

Ain't humanity grand?