The Gods Of The Eye

The Gods Of The Eye. 

What we see, what we imagine is occurring around us, directed by belief, by training, by experience, by culture - one man's handshake is another man's insult. 
We see, and what we don't know, we create with our minds, with our life lessons, with our own frame of reference, and call it the truth. We evaluate life through a visual vocabulary, and life becomes set by the limits of that vocabulary, judging life and others by the standards of our own understanding. 

But perspective is everything - see beyond your own perspective, understand that you are standing with a view of the mountain, while another has a view of the sea, and you will realise that what you see has to be balanced against what the other person lives in their own world. 

Graphite on paper, size A3. Made in Australia, 2018. $AU3100