Distinctive Personality

Distinctive Personality

A person is far too complex to be believably definable in a set of terms or ideas - what we are aware of are their most dominant traits, those characteristics that are most commonly in use during day-to-day tasks and circumstances. What prevails is a sense of them that we perceive as their personality - the way that we predict and evaluate reactions and moods based on what we know of them, and how they view the world. 

But no one is that uncomplicated. 

From the outside view, every person is an abstraction; a montage of experiences, memories, dreams, moods, chemistry and capability. This is why trust and respect are earned, while courtesy and politeness are necessary to avoid conflict and friction - to compensate for the unknown within us all. 

Graphite and ink on paper, A3.
Made in Australia, 2018. $AU2500