In between  sorting and finishing an abundance of artwork that got left behind in the queue, I've spent some time with new media for zeddess, including the creation of a couple of new showcases, one for new works, one for earlier works.

I've long enjoyed the technological process of creating movies and slideshows, with whatever software I can get my hands on - from the early days of PowerPoint right through to the latest apps for iOS and the full software bundles for Mac, there's something refreshing about a creative process that is systematic - and so simple to use. Creating in another medium is also a wonderful change from being chained to the drawing board for weeks on end, so it is a pleasure to create something new and different for the audience, and not entirely handmade.

There is plenty that is wonderful and beautiful about a virtual experience - it is my hope that this does not detract from the experience of the artwork itself, but adds another dimension, in motion and in sound. 

The second video includes a demo of one of my original songs, "Kind Of Freak", written back in 2010; I recorded it some time ago, when I finally upgraded my home studio equipment, and had a learning curve in sound technology. All very useful things, though sadly, I do not have enough lifetime to perfect the process, I am learning enough to be able to do the simple things. It is a harsh truth that there is not enough time to learn everything that I am interested in.

There are other video showcases and slideshows available on my YouTube channel , along with the zeddess home made jams - home made music videos to share my original songwriting. Please come for a visit and leave your comments on the site - I'd love to hear from you.