What's Happening

It's been a busy time for the past few weeks, making moves and preparing to return to Queensland, all at the same time. 
Three more original works have recently been purchased, along with a large number of sketchworks  - one of my patrons has fallen in love with much of my study work and chose to keep the results as a part of his collection. 

Inspired by the glamour of the jazz and the legendary "girl in a glass" theme of early Hollywood; it's all about modern mythos, the sensuality and the goddesses of the time. In an open theme of illusions and invitations, from her luxurious stole to the mist at her feet, a stage set for potential experience of something daring and yet intimate. Her expression, from her face to her pose, is that of casual seduction - a familiar tone, yet one placed in such fantastic surroundings, it promises the viewer an experience beyond normal expectations. It is glamour - the enchantment of the senses, a bewitching idea. 

Often a title used in iconographic depictions of the Holy Virgin, I have instead used it to refer to the pagan Mother Nature - a simple image of the feminine presence and energy with reference to the flora and fauna most symbolic of serenity, and the puppy as the potential predator of future life. 

"The Wilderness Of Life" - a recurring theme in my work, of the unconscious mind in harmony with the primitve nature of existence; again, a pagan goddess in her field of nature, wild and unfettered, as are the thoughts that flow alongside her, beneath the experience of the physical, and yet elevation of the physical experience itself. Where shall we wander, and wonder..... 

New work from the studio will be slowing down for a time, as the move to Queensland starts to quicken in pace - however, art works will still be available, and after a number of requests for prints, I have reopened the print shop at my Red Bubble site. New work is being uploaded to the site, so please be patient if you have yet to see the artwork that you're looking for. Signed prints are available by request. Any enquiries can be sent directly to me via zeddess@gmail.com, or you can find me on social media  - the links are available in the side bar of this blog. 
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And now, I have a goddess to attend to...