The Art Narrative

I often find that when I discuss art, I don't talk about the art. I talk about being human, being inspired, being an artist, living in the observation and the unfolding of life. There is art - the technical and tactile experience of constructing and manufacturing an idea into existence - and that is a world that can only be truly understood in the practice of it. I can no more tell you what it is for me to draw than I can tell what it is to sing or play piano, or execute the perfect kick, or the neatest kata - every artist is a product of their practice. But I can describe it; it is the narrative of the art life. 

I recently spoke to a friend regarding the nature of art talk, and being a non-artist, she told me that what she needed to know about art was everything-  from the beginning of the idea, the inspiration, the process, the journey, the choices, the way that the work was born. 
And every work is a different animal, it is a different time space within the journey, so every work has its own story within my story.