"Stripped Bare" - Two Birds, One Stone

I was working on this piece at a local cafe, when a couple of ladies stopped to have a look; the younger of the pair was deeply disturbed by the presence of the eyes, and told me that I should remove them and put butterflies there instead. Upon hearing that the effect was intentional, she then turned and told her companion (her mother as it turned out) to come away quickly, to get away from the evil artist lady....
mwah hahah!!!!
As it turned out, the mother was far better acquainted with the world of art, and with a tolerant eye toward her fearful grown daughter, instead preferred to linger and have a chat about art.
For me, this was a win on two sides - to have the reactions of love and hate in one fell swoop, as it were. It's just like jazz; love it, hate it, but if you have to understand it, you'll never get it.