The Great Sticker Empire

Lately I've been doing a bit of digital art while the major graphite compositions continue.... Larger works with a lot of detail are the major focus of my artistic life, but I enjoy my cartoons as much as ever, so I get some design gratification whenever I need a break from the heavy duty art.

The beauty of these designs is that they can fit into every day life very easily. While they still carry the integrity of the rest of my work, realization as stickers and tshirts is just as exciting to me! Framed work that I've spent months is terrifically satisfying, but that doesn't kill the buzz I get out of seeing the smaller designs take on life too....
And I get to create my own superheroes and stuff - that's always cool.

The other magical aspect of the sticker empire is the
marvellous expansion of my larger compositions finding new life in new forms. While many of them are not suited to life as a tshirt, the option to create a sticker is even better than ACEOs in my view. It may not be as prestigious, but I see a folder with stickers all over it, I want to have a look, I want to see what a person is into, what their tastes are. When real art gets to see the light of day, represent a person's personality, when it's not hidden in a museum or gallery, when it becomes a part of an identity - now that's really cool.