A3 composition

I'm inspired by a lot of different things as an artist...A chance word overheard, a song, a poem, a legend, a film....
Then there are those people that you meet in life that, for no reason in particular, inspire the absolute best in you, bring to life parts of your spirit and mind that you had forgotten you had, allow you to expand into the world in ways you had forgotten you could.
They are people, not gods, not icons, not celebrities, just a person that you met one day that changed the way you experience life. They aren't there for always, won't be there forever, might never be seen again.
But it's what you take from the time spent with them, what was profound in the moments that you had - that's the inspiration. Even when they become a memory, you have brought what they gave you into life, given it form and given it back, through yourself. I've never thought knowing someone was ever a waste of time, because there's always something that you take with you into your own journey. For the people who have truly inspired me, I just hope that in some way, they were inspired also.