Get Emotional

My pet rock threw itself off a table and broke, Trent Reznor apparently has a girlfriend, and my fellow latte-lover is on the road... when all else fails, do not buy a potplant!

Instead, go back to the beginning....

What was it that made you want to draw, paint, and otherwise express yourself in a two dimensional platform? What were the visions, the dreams and the motivations that made you pick up the art in the first place?

While a creative block is not unusual, life's little obstacles can mess with your stress, and you find that while you continue to create and work, you're hovering around the same theme.... you have found a little creative comfort zone and you are now officially in a rut.
What's so great about drawing the same thing over and over and say, over again? For one, it's a global exploration of the subject, because you keep finding new things each time you go through the process, but also it allows you to stay emotionally in the same zone - I've discussed emotional requirements during the artistic process before, how to find an emotional space and having to stay there every time you work on a particular composition.

In this case however, while it may be safe for you emotionally to endlessly loop the process, it's hazardous to the health of your art.

Today, I had someone say to me, 'You're always working; you must have an inexhaustible supply of creative energy.'
Well, yes dear, kind of a pre-requisite for an artist, but that's not the point. It's not just the creative energy you need, it's the emotional range and energy that elevates your art, allows it to be passive, dynamic, confrontational, heartfelt - you can't create art without giving it an emotional tone. When you yourself are feeling emotionally static, it naturally affects the nature of your work.
How is this different to a creative block? Creativity is about the vision, the foundation or 'germ' of an idea that inspires the composition. Emotion is what is required during the process of creating.

What to do? Explore your emotional range - listen to all kinds of music, watch films that make you angry, sad, happy, incredulous, go for a workout and push every physical limit you can (within reason) so that you're exhausted and euphoric simulataneously.... Push the sensory boundaries...

Sometimes when the internal can no longer be externalized, you have to reverse your world - change your sensory environment, that which you see, touch, taste, smell and hear, and let it provide you with new information, new input. Let yourself be sensitive to the world around you.

And if you're really daring, watch the local news.... better than a horror movie....