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The Enthusiastic Muse

The concept and construct of the muse has been central to active creativity and artistic pursuits for centuries, and in the modern age, it has also been given credence in areas of commerce and corporate affairs - usually in marketing and promotional activities.

I've written a lot about stimulating your muse, how to re-engage with creative and emotional energies to pump the imagination - the one thing I haven't mentioned is simple enthusiasm.

With the new approaches to lifestyle, work/life balance, and concerns voiced about burnout, stress, depression and isolation, the passionate choice to BE creative is often overlooked. Often fatigue and time constraints are the given reasons to not pursue more creative activities, with other responsibilities and pressures taking priority.

For an artist, this cannot, cannot be the case.
(Writers, actors, dancers and musicians know what I'm talking about.)

In my life, the art, no matter which arena, is everything. I have skills in a number of …

Get Emotional

My pet rock threw itself off a table and broke, Trent Reznor apparently has a girlfriend, and my fellow latte-lover is on the road... when all else fails, do not buy a potplant!

Instead, go back to the beginning....

What was it that made you want to draw, paint, and otherwise express yourself in a two dimensional platform? What were the visions, the dreams and the motivations that made you pick up the art in the first place?

While a creative block is not unusual, life's little obstacles can mess with your stress, and you find that while you continue to create and work, you're hovering around the same theme.... you have found a little creative comfort zone and you are now officially in a rut.
What's so great about drawing the same thing over and over and say, over again? For one, it's a global exploration of the subject, because you keep finding new things each time you go through the process, but also it allows you to stay emotionally in the same zone - I've discussed …

Inspirations for a Goddess

I love it when the creative works and skills of other people inspire me...
While so many things are called 'art' these days, it is rare that the paintings and drawings of other artists give me inspiration... it is in fact the other arts that I find intriguing and provocative.

Be it photography, handmade crafts, story-telling, film, theatre, poetry, I find that the works defined in these different arenas provoke my vision, tickle my creative fancy and allow me to continue my artistic journey through providing me with a stimulated emotional sense..

The photo in this entry is of a minor work just completed titled 'Dryad'. The inspiration for this work came from a gentleman I met on Twitter, Steven Weathers, who shared some awesome photos of ancient trees in China.
While the composition isn't focused on the trees, I wanted the sensory appeal of their presence to merge and harmonise with the sensuality of the dryad. Given that the majority of my work has a theme of sensuali…

The Magical Artist

People tend to have serious expectations that art somehow magically appears... For those artists who like to keep that myth alive, forgive me for telling trade secrets....

When I started learning about art, there were a couple of hundred preparatory steps involved in crafting a composition, and a stack of design and study works that had to be carried out before you even got to working on the final canvas. Visual diaries had to be filled out, research and evidence of research had to be provided, source folders and scrapbooks created, journal entries and thoughts and ideas had to be recorded, and there was always this ever-present sense of calculated procedure - I was young, knew nothing about the artistic process. I wanted to pick up a brush or a pencil and have it 'just happen'.

Classical training in art teaches you more about how to think and observe and analyze like an artist than just learning how to draw or paint. The visual diaries and journals and the constant need to reco…