The Art of Montage

From the recent update on my site's WIPS page (Works In Progress) - Within The Eye.

I have long enjoyed working in montages, though most self-employed critics (I say lovingly) find them 'too busy' - I personally like the idea of discovery in the details, building layers and depth not usually available in a straight forward composition.
That in itself allows for a different emotional construct also; the visual response that comes from having to actually take the time to absorb the images, how they relate to each other, before beginning to interpret any kind of meaning, or emotion.
There's a greater allowance for the artist to be more organic in this kind of work - I don't plan how or why the subjects and forms fit together, I can just allow my imagination and the pencil to roam, bringing a greater sense of fluidity to the composition. In that sense, the work is also more an emotional and creative process for me - the bonus is when that is translated to the audience.