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C'est La Mort

An ominous post title, but really just a lighthearted jab at the kind of work that I'm currently involved in  - the curating of the entire studio stock. No small task when you include all the digital files and data accumulated over the years, and the editorials and random notes that have gone flying into digital shoeboxes for future examination - and the future is here. Along with this mammoth task is the actual sorting and organisation of years of sketches, half-finished works, a thousand scribbled ideas and late-night mutterings that have no listing, no order - and I can't always be sure where anything is. Especially after having moved house twice in the past couple of years. Now the plan is to have everything completely set in its place within the studio, clearly labelled, indexed and filed.

To that end, I found a method of creating simple keycards for use in both my filing and my social media, to keep images and data together - one of the greatest difficulties that I'v…