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There is nothing I could possibly write or post that could ever do justice - not my collection of albums, DVDs, books, pictures, posters... Not the entire body of work that I began with an Aladdin Sane poster watching over me as I worked from the age of fourteen, not the years when I played nothing but one album because it was the only thing to save me. There is nothing that could even come close to proving what this dreamer, this visionary, this artist, gave to me.  But what kind of artist would I be, if I didn't say something. 
So I say this. In his words. 
Nothing much could happen Nothing we can't shake Oh we're absolute beginners With nothing much at stake As long as you're still smiling There's nothing more I need I absolutely love you But we're absolute beginners But if my love is your love We're certain to succeed. 
The Day Bowie Died. 

Understanding Art

If you keep making art for the sake of relativity to the audience, you'll never be an artist.  Artistic responsibility is about pushing the boundaries on the known into the imagined - you are the imagination of your audience.  When you give them something they already know, you're being a friend. When you give them something unfamiliar and challenges understanding, you are an artist. 
The new era is about the experience. We have a global mainstream that desires to be validated and understood in a way humanity has never desired before. But that's not the purpose of art. We are not here as artists to say "I get you, I relate, I am like you." We are here to say, here is Life, in all its angles and forms and subjects and tastes and flavours - do YOU understand? Have YOU been transported beyond your own perceptions, your own ideas and constructs, have you been further outside yourself to become someone that relates to more than yourself? 
Artists are here to expand and exp…