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On With The Show

It's been an interesting couple of months - needless to say, I have been throwing myself into the artwork and the journal writing with a fury; however, it was such that I completely devoted myself to the journey that I was less interested in the external world for a time. Much has occurred in a short space, and most of that.... well, let's just say, it will eventually reveal itself through the art.

In the meantime, work had to be completed and there was plenty to keep me hopping between the known and the unknown - experiments and their causes are often kept in the cupboard until realized in their final manifestation, but there are still the works on the board continuing to demand life and actualization. I've known a number of people in my life who suffer "Da Vinci syndrome" -  the ability and capacity to dream yet never quite manage to complete the task - and I would not be pleased with myself were I to fall under that particular sword. 

The projects of late have b…