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Ink drawing - "Horns"

In recent times, the majority of my posts have been on Facebook and Twitter - I've had a number of requests to see my work online by people who don't use those platforms, and so I have added the latest posts here.

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"Horns" - A5 ink on paper

Sketch - "Caught"

"Caught" - A4 pencil on paper

"For flame and light are forever denied me,
As I look to the dark
As I am chained to that which holds me;
It does not deny me -
But it cannot keep me....

I am caught,
Ever falling, ever still.

Zian Silverwolf.

Sketch - "Tangled"

"Tangled" - A4 pencil on paper

"Do you like my new mess? I designed it myself."

Ink drawing - "Winged Lion"

"Winged Lion" - A5 ink on paper

I was reminded of the flying lions of Persian mythology...

Sketch - "Hurt"

"Hurt" -A4 pencil on paper

"What have I become, My sweetest friend,
Everyone I know, Goes away in the end.
You could have it all, My empire of dirt,
I will let you down, I will make you hurt."

Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

Sketch - "Mother's Little Precious"

"Mother's Little Precious" - A5 pencil on paper

Sketch - "Jeffery the Dragon"

"Jeffery the Dragon" - A5 pencil on paper

Sketch: "Fairy"

"Fairy" - A5 pencil on paper

Ink drawing - "Heart's Confusion"

'Heart's Confusion' - A5 ink on paper

Sketch: "Air Elemental"

'Air Elemental' - A5 pencil on paper

Sketch: "I Got My Back"

"I Got My Back" - A4 pencil on paper

On the Dark Days....

Pic - 'My Best Friend Beanie'

Sometimes life throws a ball under your feet, and while you stumble, stagger and do that crazy cartoon dance where your feet are a blur, you think to yourself.... What happens next?

It's not a simple matter to drag yourself up by the scruff of the neck and shake yourself - sometimes it's damn near impossible. I've talked a lot about the emotional energies in art - sometimes the translation has to be that of real life.
Because that's where the artist is at.

I've had the kind of month that would have made Mother Theresa give up God and go bungee jumping...without the rope. Mentally, I'm exhausted. Emotionally, I'm shattered. Physically, I'm a bundle of raw nerves. Spiritually, I'm hanging on for grim death - but it's all gotta go somewhere, and it's all gotta have a purpose, a reason, a life of its own. Because I'm an artist. It's what I do.
(cue orchestral swell)

I haven't posted a lot of my darker…