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How Does Your Garden Grow? (Editorial)

When I was a child, my grandmother's garden was my first temple. It was a place of great comfort and solace for me, at times when I felt troubled or sad, and I would often feel revived by the closeness of growing things, and their small inhabitants. Of course, at a time when we were still singing God Save The Queen at school assembly, this kind of behaviour was frowned upon, and I was considered a very strange, fey child, for finding something spiritual in something so very ordinary. After all, that was what Church and God were for, not sulking at the bottom of the garden. 
Present day, and I still continue to find gardens as my temples - as a famed pagan, and a well-known advocate for the natural world, it's not considered that unusual anymore. And we're living at a time when plugging into a tree and listening to its playlist is a recommended pastime in a busy urban life. 
But beyond the experience of a garden, is its symbolic presence of a life - what we tend, what we cult…