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New Story

It's been a while since my last post - moving locations is stressful at the best of times, but separation from the familiar makes the experience a little more intense. It took ten years for me to create the life that I had in Albury, and then change came, and it was time to move back to Brisbane, and start all over again, in a different way, with a different life, with unfamiliar spaces and faces - a lot changes in 20 years, and despite having lived here before, much is now very strange to me. From a small rural town to a big capital city is no small leap in culture either - and there have been instances where I have had to break "new" habits to reestablish old ones. In essence, it's like changing countries again.

But enough about life. Let's talk about art.

In the time that I have been on the move, there have been a lot of changes and developments in the work - still figurative, but leaning towards a more elemental, almost abstract approach. And while graphite h…