Art For You - One

For all the things we face in life, there is a single common denominator - yourself. At the beginning of the day to the end, it is the practices and the choices of the individual that create the life for the whole. Whatever is to be confronted, be it love, fear, sadness, truth, or trauma, the will to carry on resides within

She is talking to her soul. In committing to a state of calm and centredness, there are answers to be found in listening to herself - while the energies of life continue around her, there is a decision being made through more than thought; a surrender to the greater story within her own existence, the internal, eternal poetry that is written through simply being alive. 

For the artwork itself, a combination of the softness of the graphite gradient, and its hard, refined edge for detail, structures and subjects defined clearly by line, yet energised by light and shade. A more deeply shaded work than is usual, for it depicts the entry into the internal journey, a walk in the darkness of one's own private world, to seek truths, trust, and answers. 

'One' was created at a time when my own faith in humanity was badly shaken, and it became necessary to withdraw from life, take stock, and ultimately return to myself for answers. What I found there, resonates in the work, the achievement of understanding and self-awareness, and the moment in which my relationship with Life was renewed, and reformed, a stronger, more committed connection to the source, and to the path I had chosen. 

In this, "One" represents resolution, an agreement with Life to continue to dedicate oneself to a purposeful and meaningful existence, whatever the confrontations. To know the calm at the centre of the storm, and to be the strength when all else fails.