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Art For You - Lily And The Lizard

" Lily And The Lizard "
Lily was made on  an A4 piece of archival paper with a smooth tooth. I prefer to use as smooth a surface as possible with graphite, to get the nice gradient and finish that softened graphite can achieve, while retaining some of the elements of quick pencil work - the strokes are quite visible in places, lending some of the feeling of an impromptu sketch. 
Her face came together very quickly - it was an effortless task to find the expression and feeling of a subtle temptress, while keeping that quality of innocent intention - Lily is symbolic of the "feminine wiles" that girls learn at a young age, to persuade, invite or otherwise seduce others to their way of thinking, so it was important to have that wide-eyed softness about her, which is also reflected in her stance and soft drapes, and the waves of her hair. 
The lizard is a reference to the "lizard brain", the component of human nature to act on natural desires and urges; in this …

Why Buy My Art?

What's the most essential thing about art? The way you connect with it.  We see thousands of artworks a week now, the internet is absolutely awash with the skills and talents of millions of artists from around the world, and we get to see it all from the comfort of our living rooms, without having to make a single effort.  So why own art?
For the same reason that art has been treasured throughout the ages - it brings about meaning to our existence. 
The one question I am asked more than any other is, WHO buys my art?
That's actually not as silly as it sounds. People want to know what kind of people buy art, why do they buy it, and why would they spend money on it. Because they don't know why people would own art. 
The people who have bought art from me usually have one or two reasons for doing so, but in a nutshell, they're looking for something - love, beauty, truth, confirmation, validation, belief, something that aligns with their present or eternal purpose, something tha…