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When Art Is Your Life

Art is a total emotional investment. Be it art, music, dance, theatre, writing, the artist is invested in the outcome of the work. 
This is often misunderstood by non-artists, who attribute this passion as an investment in life matters, hence the view of artists as otherworldly people. 
As an artist, you'll go through life constantly misrepresented by other people's priorities, appearing to have ulterior motives and agendas that have nothing to do with you, or your work. 
Ignore it. You cannot be understood by people who see your drive and ambition as some kind of social motive, rather than the purpose of art. Those who live and breathe art, wake up thinking about it, go to sleep dreaming about it, live in another reality. 
Embrace it, enjoy it, create from your soul, and forget about explaining it to those who are invested in the mundane investigations of the human appetite. They won't get it until you have done it. And even then, most will see entertainment and sensation, wh…