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Don't Open The Email

Some whack hacker has been sending out malicious emails, using my domain address as the return address, to major companies and CEOs.  Fortunately, their security systems are tight and the emails are rejected - only, I'm the one getting the rejection notices. 
If you receive ANY email from, DO NOT OPEN IT. I don't use that address, so it's not me. 
And if I find out who the loser in his mother's basement is, know that this dark soul is not happy with you. Use my name to hurt other people eh? We shall see about that...

Views From The White Room

Inside the new studio for zeddess arts.  #zeddess #art #music #poetry #love

Wound In Vision

"Wound In Vision"
It is a complex matter when one is constantly pursued by thought; because it doesn't stop at thought - the experience is one of sensory overload, the trappings of emotional ties that reveal themselves as sensations, sounds, smells, a tightening of the chest, blood on fire in the veins, a colossal wave of living imagination that goes unfiltered,  beyond the boundaries of ordinary existence. 
But there is great beauty to be found in the ordering of chaos - chains and links and connections created, bonded pairs of ideas and memory; it is not insanity, merely the unstructured conditioning of unfettered revelation, a learning of momentous proportions that becomes a universe within a person. Streaming ideas to oneself in the form of sensation; and all that remains is the translation of the script to a creating of the self.