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Photo Op

"Black and Silver" 
It's raining in Albury, and the light is just beautiful...


I have been working on a number of vignettes to get back into the drawing rhythm, small drawings that immediately capture an idea or emotion. 
They are created on A4 size paper, and finished in one layer. Simple small one-of-a-kind treasures that would go well in a personal space or private area. 


Many changes.  In the past month, I've moved, from the quiet solitude of the country that has been home for ten years, to the city heart of Albury, in New South Wales. The studio is now in the central business district - I step out my door, and there is the main street of town, right before me. 
I've had to leave much behind that was familiar, not only the little house with its pink and blue rooms, but the grave of my beloved dog, Isis, and all the memories we shared. It has been a truly heart wrenching experience, but the next journey has begun.... In a White Room.  Now, it's all about translating that journey into new artwork, and finding new sources for inspiration and imagining; it's been a long time since I lived in an urban setting, and the lifestyle is a total turn around from the isolation of the country. 
The new apartment is actually quite old, part of a historical building - I'm surrounded by whispers of history and time, blended with the hum and buzz of mod…