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Weapon Of Choice

Graphite.  Wonderful stuff. The storytelling tool of the ages. With a pencil, I can describe emotion and thought, the spirit of life, I can transform an idea into an image. 
For years, no matter how many times I've been trumped by a painter or a sculptor, no matter how many times people have lost faith in the work, withdrawn their support; no matter how many times I've been belittled and condescended to for "my little sketches", I have always remained faithful to my art. I know the power it has over people - you can see it in the eyes when they receive the work as their own, that awe-inspiring moment when they are transported somewhere meaningful within themselves. 
That is the power of art. That is the love of art. And when people seek to demean it, and cast it down because of what it provokes in them, I feel a great sadness that their need to reject life is stronger than their need to embrace it. That their need to destroy is more powerful than their love of creation.…

Freeing A Form

There's been progress on the latest major work, a freeform abstraction that's something of a revelation in the nature of secrets; we have fewer secrets on the inside than we do outside of ourselves, complicated by memory and dream - and are we really all that secretive in our heavily detailed existences, or are we truly hiding more when we embrace the simplistic, the reduced and the minimal? 
The secrets of the self are like that of an ancient empire - hidden and full of mystery until understood; and then they represent moments of the past, quietly situated somewhere on a shelf, documented and catalogued, just another photo album from a journey already done. We surround ourselves with our stories, replicated by naïveté, darkened by age, or forgotten in disinterest - yet they are the organic puzzles of ourselves that are less a reflection of who we are, than a collection of who we can be. 

The work is in graphite and ink - I've applied the ink layer as I go along on this one,…