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The latest work on the board is so close to completion - right on the heels of one of the most inspiring weeks of my life. 
Last week, I travelled to Melbourne to see the David Bowie Is.... Exhibition, at ACMI. I was already thrilled to be going - but nothing prepared me for the reality of the experience. 
I was 13 when my eldest sister gave me an Aladdin Sane poster. It hung on my wall in my bedroom while I studied art and music; Bowie albums played while I wrote poetry and essay, while I read futurist and post-apocalyptic literature, while I learned about Miro, Warhol, Dali, Picasso, Pollock.  Bowie  was the core of my art life. 

I walked into the exhibition, and there was my life. Design, art, literature, video, film, interviews that I had watched a hundred times, everything that was an expression of my life in art. Warhol, Dali, the written lyrics of songs that I knew like old friends, costumes that were the visual partners to defining moments of my life, and music that had been the s…


"You crave something pure. It doesn't matter what it is, just something pure. Whether it be creation, destruction, love, indifference, fear, peace, you want it to have purity. It drives you crazy, it lends itself to your brokenness. 
And when you can't find it, you think you're going insane. You think the world turns against you, that it is persecuting you, taking you away from real happiness, real fulfilment.  
Yet all it ever was, was your desire, your need, your endless ambition for something pure. You are not broken. You are simply living in fragments." 
 - zian silverwolf