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The Hypnotist 1 & 2

What began as a series of drafts resulted in two compositions, both connecting with recent experiences of mine that led to an emotional contrast that has yet to develop entirely in the work, because it has yet to develop in me. 
I've written before about having had major lifestyle changes in the past year, and in this journey, I've discovered much about my own personal values that now have to be reassessed, given my age, the point in time in life, and my decision to put down roots and build a home for myself. Many of the things that I was raised to believe in have become moot in modern society, and like so many have said before this, it's time to unlearn the past and embrace the new.

In "The Hypnotist", both drawings show the subject naked, to show the naked truth of oneself, in the act of reconstructing the mind. The tool of focus is a watch, representing both time and its ability to be manipulated by perception. The checkered drapes are the boxes in which we cons…